What i learned from my last injury…

…A fast recovery almost always means you are not really fully recovered.

So, i know it has been very long since my last blog post, but between recovering and creation, time (and patience) has been an issue. But i promise to try to be better 🙂

Now, picking up from where i left off, i thought i would sum up what i learned from my last injury in the next posts….



First of all, a fast recovery almost always means you are not really fully recovered.
When i got injured we were in the middle of a creation process that i was very close to, and suddenly having to sit out was torture. So even though i knew better, i pushed the recovery as much as i could in order not to miss out on very much. I was back in the studio after 2 weeks, but i was in no shape or form fit or even slightly recovered. As none of the ligaments or bone tissue were broken, there was no risk for my foot to get worst, but it felt like it had never danced before, i could not move it very well, being on it hurt a lot, and of course, people kept hitting or stepping on it accidentally. The first week back was not only painful but frustrating as you know this are things you have learned and trained for years and your body will simply not do it…. no fun…..
I do not regret pushing for it, being in this production was extremely important to me, but i could have spared some pain, and frustration if i had taken the proper time to heal.

by Life Between Lines

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