…Your Physiotherapist knows best…

Something else we probably all know but pretend we don’t, your physiotherapist really does knows best.
I have struggled with back muscle pain for years, really, years. I have tried everything, or i thought i had, and i have managed to constantly ignored my physiotherapists advice to try Pilates or simple gym training. I even started Pilates a few times, but the results were way too slow for my impatient self, and i always ended up preferring to sleep my free Mondays away instead of doing more work, and the thought of going to the gym on my free time mortified me.

So, i twist my foot and i am suddenly confronted with the Gym at the Recovery Center. Recovery exercises are never fun, but you bite your teeth and get through it in order to get better, and if you are like me, you know there is a light at the end of the tunnel where no recovery exercise exists unless you are injured. My innocent days are now behind me…

On the first day of recovery, my assigned trainer realized i have slightly more muscle mass on the right side of my body, and he got curious. so he connects me to this massive machine to measure up muscle performance, on my legs, back, and stomach. To our surprise, my right leg is not a lot stronger than the left (even though its bigger) so that gets me a bit pumped, and than…

… i suck, i mean all other muscles we measured suck! Not in a “dancers would clearly be weaker than soccer players” kind of way, but in a “i don’t know how my body is even doing normal functions” kind of way. My back is extremely weak, compared to standard normal people results, and even though my stomach is a little better it also scored very low for strength, and on top of that, the left side is also weaker compared to the right, so basically nonexistent muscles on the left.

I cant help but think of my super patient physiotherapist getting slightly not so patient as she time and time again massaged my stubborn sore muscles.
My lazy days were clearly over. I got a membership to the Treatment center gym and was asked to come at least twice a week for a three hour training session that was carefully thought out not only to get my foot back to its glory days but also balance out my back muscles once and for all.

And so i have, i mean i didn’t manage to go twice a week every week, it got harder to find the energy after i really started doing full class and rehearsal days again, but i tried my best, and my back pain is much better! And to say the truth i started to really like going to the gym.
I also felt like i owed my physiotherapist a present and an apology…


by Life Between Lines

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