…Putting on weight is easy to do…

IMG_3544Also something i already knew, if you suddenly stop rehearsing seven hours a day and keep eating as if you were, you will put on weight fast! And yes, two weeks is enough to tell the difference! And even though when you are off you keep telling yourself that it will be easy to shake it off once you get back to work (just like after the holidays), when you are recovering, going back to work means it will be a good 4 to 5 weeks until you are really doing full classes and full working days. And yes, you probably will keep on putting on weight on those 4 to 5 weeks, unless you go on a diet, something i never do (i have extremely low will power). Not that its a huge problem, even though i have been injured a few times it always gets me!! Maybe injury brain is a bit like pregnancy brain…

by Life Between Lines

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