Last week of holidays :/

All that is good must come to an end, i have now been on holidays for more or less five weeks, and from today, the last week countdown finally starts. Last season was really hard, both physically and mentally, so this holidays were not only welcomed, but necessary! Trust me there is only so much fake smiling you can do before you snap and kill someone.

So, the very awaited holiday came, and things slowly started making sense again.

After two weeks enjoying the beautiful South of France where there was not much to do except lay down on amazing beaches, swim in the nice warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea, and eat good food all day, life was starting to feel right again, and it was time for me to go home.

Presidente prudente, SP, BRASIL to be more exactly, where there is really not that much to do except rest, and enjoy my family, all i needed at the moment.14207618_10209912988198075_4638157635020677691_o

Living in Germany for the last 11 years means i can pursue my career as a ballet dancer and do what i love, but i only get to see my family once a year. I have two sister i didn’t really get to see grow up, and everytime i come home i realize my parents are getting older. Its scary how fast a year can go by, and at the same time, how much time it really is…

Living so far away also has its bright side though, it means i get spoiled rotten during the time i spend here, we go to all my favorite restaurant14207806_10209913029359104_5707519575585977609_os, so as much as i try, its really hard to keep a healthy diet that will compensate the lack of exercising, and gaining a little weight is inevitable. In between Church Camp, and watching movies all day, i also find it very hard to squeeze in a exercise routine. With the exception of my one not very successful attempt at stand up paddle, and the gym training i NEED to do in order not to feel pain, i haven’t done much, and the one hour floor exercise routine i swore i would do at least three times a week has effortlessly slipped to the dark drawer of my brain where i put all thing i don’t want to deal with…. (its a BIG drawer)

So i find myself (once again) in my current situation… Although i am not completely unfit thanks to the gym workout, but with the exception of a photoshoot i had last week, i have not attempted to stretch my feet for five weeks. Splits sound like a foreign word to me i have never heard about and i am pretty sure i will fall on my ass if i attempt to do a turn. But i still have one week! There is hope after all!

Starting today, i will follow a strict intensive get back in shape routine.

I think i just freaked myself out, lets try again…

Starting today, i will attempt to follow a strict intensive get back in shape routine.

that sounds a little better, i will keep you posted!

by Life Between Lines

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