Getting older.

I had a birthday a few weeks ago, i turned 27. I am not a huge fan of my birthday, i used to be, cakes presents, people, i mean whats bad with that? But as i got older the cake and the presents started to be less important and the huge question mark that is my future became more and more overwhelming.
As a professional dancer there is only so long you can dance, and the deadline grows undeniably closer with every year.
So as much as i still enjoy feeling older and more mature, its a bittersweet moment because i also think this career i love and have worked so much for is closer to end.
But there is no avoiding it, year after year those candles are blown, presents are gained, and even though those thoughts always come to hunt they soon enough go away and i am left to enjoy my older self.

i loved this text i read from a friend:

“As the years go by we discover that we don’t know anything about life. But why should we? Without hurry, you get more mature at the right time, longings come and faith grows bigger Without hurry you start to get recompenses that feel like they have come for free, since everything you have done was without thinking about returns. Without hurry everything starts to fit slowly together, and than you are left with the scary part of life. Without hurry, you find out that your virtue is to be happy. Happy Birthday Isa, you deserve to be happy!” by Isabela Badan.

so… Happy Birthday to me, i deserve to be happy!

By Life Between Lines

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