Far away land.

Living so far away for so long has never been easy, but it seems to be getting harder to say goodbye every year. Eleven years ago when i moved to Germany i was so young that the prospect of everything new was just fun, and never something to worry about. But as time goes by, there is more and more to consider and leaving is getting harder and harder.

I came to Germany to chase my dream and to be able to work with what i love most: dance. I now realize its a selfish decision, but is one that has to be made, and luckily i have a wonderful family that has always supported me one hundred per cent. And that is where things get complicated, being far away means missing out on family, Christmases, fights, parties, funerals and  so on, and even though i have great friends and a life of my own here, i miss my family everyday.

But i guess this is just what growing up really means, endless decisions with both great and terrible consequences.
Unfortunately i have to choose, and every year i hop on that plane i choose dancing.
And i hope my family understands…

By Life Between Lines

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