No pain no gain.

After a nice and long holiday with my family, it was time i went back to work. Tuesday was my first official day.

Getting back in shape is never easy, but i must say, i feel it more and more the older i get. Even with preparation and training first day at work feels like first day of ballet ever, although it is wonderful to move and sweat again, those tricky technical things i worked super hard on are still drinking beer on my couch in Brasil. But, moving again was really fun, getting carried away was very easy and when i realized i had already done too much and i was bound to die the next day. Dito, i woke up today with very sore muscles, it feels like even my eyelashes have been overworked, and even walking was a hard task. I am very lucky that  am still catching up on the new choreography and didn’t have much to dance today, because that would not have worked.


As the rest of the company had four days of work ahead of me, that meant i had some new choreography to catch up on, and…. Thank God for technology, with a few whatsapp video i was able to quickly learn the new Repertoire in order not to stay too far behind. We are currently learning La Sylphide from Peter Schaufuss, and as much as it is a very nice piece, i can hardly wait until Saturday, when we perform a modern piece choreographed by one of our colleagues for a evening where young dancers have the chance to create.

I personally love modern, i am a lot better at moving than staying still, and dancing something that was created for you is always special.
So lets hope i am in good shape until Saturday.

I will keep you posted.

By Life Between Lines

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