Back on stage. 

We had a general rehearsel for the opening season show that happens tomorrow. Being on stage again feels great, especially because i am dancing something that was choreographed for me.

As a dancer you spend a lot of time in the studio, working on perfecting the movements, so i personally try to enjoy stage time as much as i can, after all, the stage is my favorite part of this job, its where i feel the most free and the happiest, and i know this is totally cheesy, but during those few stage minutes, the world stands still.

I cant wait for the show tomorrow 🙂

By Life Between Lines

2 thoughts on “Back on stage. 

  1. dunelight says:

    When I am on stage the energy does not come from me, it comes from beyond, passes through me and out to the audience. I loved it. I understand your joy of performance very well, not as a dancer but as an actor/singer who ‘moves well’. 🙂


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