A day at the Theater.

Yesterday there was a event at the theater called Theater Fest. TheaterFest happens in the beginning of every season, and during this day the whole Theater is open to the public.


(C) Felix Grünschloß

The whole day is projected to familiarize families with the Theater. There are workshops, open rehearsals, a costume auction, kids can get painted on and craft instruments, and because its Germany, there is beer and Bratwurst. The day ends with a Season Cocktail performance that involve all sections of the theater: acting, opera and ballet. Its a little bit of a sneak preview into the new season, and great fun for both the public and the artists.

Because i have a little experience on working with kids, for the past three seasons i have been giving a dance workshop for kids between the ages 3 to 6. And i am happy to say, people have liked it so much that this time i had two classes of about twenty kids! Working with kids is always very fun, and it was a great way to start my day!


(C) Felix Grünschloß

After my workshop it was time for some serious work: open training and rehearsal. Like i have said before stage time is super special, and being able to show the public how we work everyday is great! I wish we did class on stage more often! We also rehearsed a little bit of Peter Schaufuss’s La Sylphide, to give the public a little taste of what is to come.


Enter a caption

After training i had a little time to grab a bratwurst before coming back to get ready for the Cocktail Show.


Believe it or not the beer wasn’t mine!

We performed Greyzone, choreographed for us by Emiel Vandenberghe. There is only four dancers, and being back on stage after so long is a little bit scary, but also a great reminder of how much i love to dance, specially when i have such beautiful dancers besides me!!


After the show it was time for all artists to catch a drink at the Cantine, seeing some friends again for the first time after the summer was great and as always the night stretched a bit too long…

Even though it was a full and long day, i wish everyday was Theaterfest…..


(C) Felix Grünaxhloß

By Life Between Lines.



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