No glamour here

With our next show coming up on Saturday this week started with full intensity.

We are bringing Coco Chanel back from last season, its a creation made by Terence Kohler on Stravinsky music.

On top of the roles i usually dance, i will be jumping in for a friend, who unfortunately has been feeling some pain after recovering from a stress fracture.I have danced this role only twice before, and this is a bitter sweet moment, because i am happy i get to perform a solo role again, but i know how hard it is to miss out on shows, so i feel very sad for my friend. But she is a tough cookie and she will be back really soon.

The extra responsibility and rehearsals have taken a toll on me though, my Achilles has been a little jammed and the new role demands lots of jumps, so i have been doing everything i can to get rid of the pain, extra physiotherapy sessions, anti inflammatory and a lot of heat/cold compresses. I will also be seeing my osteopath tomorrow and she is great! She usually straightens and balances me up and that always happens with all sorts of pain.

So this is how i spent my night: new girl, point shoes to sew, heat bags, moscow mule, and all the glamour of an athletes life.img_6837

By Life Between Lines.

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