Rehearsals that literally crack you nuts.

Bringing a revival back should be an easy task. It turns out its no easy job. Replacing people who have gone or moved on to bigger roles can be time consuming and frustrating, specially if you have been doing it for the last five years.

We have been working on Nutcracker for the last week, we will be performing it twice in Thailand twice next week, and as usual for guest performances, we all want to do our best and leave a very good impression of the company, what adds just that tad bit of extra stress to the rehearsals. As every other revival, we only had a week to replace people, remember the choreography and make sure we are all doing the same steps. The last time we danced the Nutcracker was January 2016.

I have been dancing more or less the same roles since we premiered it in 2010, so I will probably still know the choreography when I am ninety years old and the music comes on a elevator speaker around Christmas time, so it is very easy to forget that there are other people who have had one week to learn this very particularly styled choreography that i have had years to practice. Thank God its a extremely fun piece to do, so when rehearsal gets a little slow and frustrating we just entertain ourselves and try to remember its all part of the Job….



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