The costume department.

There is a lot of backstage work involved in any production that ends up going on stage. A big theater is made of a lot of departments, technicians, painters, hat makers, shoe makers, and much more. Today I will talk a little bit about the costume department.


Our costume department is composed of 56 people. They are responsible for making or putting together all of our costumes that end up going on stage. Our measures are taken when we start working at the theater, and then when we have a new production, we get called in for a fitting. Sometimes the costumes are made from scratch and some other times they have to be repaired and renovated.


Once the shows run up, the costumes are stored at the theater where they can be repurposed in a different production.


Usually, during the show, we have two seamstresses that come help us get dressed and stay thru out the length of the show in case something needs fixing.

Our costumes for La Sylphide have been bought from a different theater, in that case, they all get measured and assigned to the dancers according to their own measurements. After that, they get fixed, tightened and repaired. All efforts are made so that we can look great on stage.


By Life Between Lines.

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