Behind the Curtains – The makeup department.

Going behind the stage today, I want to give you a glimpse at the Make-up department. The department is composed of 25 make-up artists. They are responsible for everything makeup related: Wigs, prosthetics, masks. And let me tell you: they make magic happen.


They have a workshop where everything that has to be produced gets done during the day. The theater has many new productions every year, so just like in the costume department, their work is never done. Besides all the new productions, everything has to be checked and all the wigs have to be restyled before they go back on stage.

During the shows, they are responsible for our hair and makeup. They usually arrive two hours before the show starts, and stay with us throughout the whole performance, changing wigs and hairdos and making sure we still look beautiful through all the sweat.


By Life Between Lines.

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