More about me.

My name is Larissa Mota, i was born in Patos de Minas, a very small city, in Brasil.
My mom is a ballet teacher, that means i dance ever since i can remember, i used to spend the whole day at ballet school because we didn’t have a babysitter, that means i took part in some sort of way in classes all day, so dance has been a very big influence on me growing up.


At the age of 13th my parents started taking me to competitions, the atmosphere was always so fun, and i loved meeting new people, and soon we we’re going every weekend. All i asked for as presents was ballet courses, or point shoes or costumes. Slowly dance was every part of my life. I had special teachers come to complement my training and i was doing every class i could go to, i wanted to learn as much as i could in order to improve as much as i could.


As a teenager whenever i was not in school, i was rehearsing, i had very good friends who let me copy their homework, but even though i did quite ok in school we all knew i wasn’t going to study for very long.

So at the age of 15 at the Brasilia’s International Seminary, i received a scholarship from the Birgit Keil foundation to go to the Akademie des Tanzes, a Ballet School in Mannheim, Germany. One month later i was saying goodbye to my crying parents and boarding a plain to the other side of the globe.


On my way to Germany.

The initial deal with my parents was to go for one year, come back, finish school and go on with my life. I have been in Germany for eleven years now.

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After four years at the Ballet School, where i had the chance to meet people from all around the world while getting a great education, it was time to audition. And if you have ever done one, auditions suck! Anyways after a feel i was offered a job at the Hof Theater, a small theater in Bavaria where i stayed for one year, and after that i went o to work at the State Theater in Karlsruhe, where i have been for the last six years.

My career has given me the chance to live many new experiences, see many new places, and meet many new people, and i hope to be able to tell you all about that here.

Between ups and downs, thoughts and actions, past and future, and in between lines.

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